Raw Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is a true wonder food, desired for its tropical fragrance and delicious flavor in dishes, and increasingly famous as a food supplement with a long list of beneficial applications!


Thanks to Raw VCO's load of Medium-chain Fatty Acids, it helps you:


✓  Lose weight (take 1-3 tablespoons before a meal)

✓  Maintain mouth hygiene (use as natural mouthwash by "Oil-pulling" - swishing 1-2 table spoons for 5 -20 minutes)

✓   Stimulate bowel movement at the start of the day (take 1-3 table spoons upon waking)

✓  Strengthen and rejunivate your hair (use as hair conditioner - wash out with shampoo)    

✓   Moisturize your skin (lather generously on your skin)    

✓   Take care of wounds and scratches (use as natural ointment)


    Raw VCO is wonderful for cooking too! Especially for fried rice, eggs, and a tasty replacement for butter on your bread (very useful for vegans). And try adding a dash of VCO to your rice for a deliciously homey, fragrance and flavor.

    Raw Virgin Coconut Oil

    • ✓  Quick source of energy, while reducing hunger

      ✓  A table spoon every morning cleanses the colon

      ✓  Strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties

      ✓  Reduces blood cholesterol and the risk of heart failure

      ✓ Use it on hair and skin to rejuvenate both.