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Nation Building

Brotherhood ~ Health ~ Nature

"A Nation is built on the values of its citizens.
We raise our values, and we will see a rising Nation."

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Low value of Brotherhood

Low value of Nature

Low value of Health

At the end of the 19th century many of our
founding fathers 
gave up their lives for our freedom.

"My dreams when already a youth

full of vigor to attain,
Were to see you,

Gem of the Sea of the Orient.

"Your dark eyes dry, smooth brow

held to a high plane,
Without frown, without wrinkles and of shame without stain.

"Hail! How sweet 'tis to fall that fullness you may acquire;
To die to give you life, 'neath your skies to expire.

Dr. José Rizal

~My Last Farewell

"Ang aking adhika sapul magkaisip
ng kasalukuyang bata pang maliit,
ay ang tanghaling ka at minsan masilip
sa dagat Silangan hiyas na marikit.

"Natuyo ang luhang sa mata'y nunukal,
taas na ang noo't walang kapootan,
walang bakas kunot ng kapighatian
gabahid man dungis niyong kahihiyan.

"Ikaw'y guminhawa laking kagandahang
ako'y malugmok, at ikaw ay itanghal,
hininga'y malagot, mabuhay ka lamang
bangkay ko'y masilong sa iyong Kalangitan."


Dr. José Rizal


Today we take their sacrifices seriously and continue to work for the Vision they were willing to die for.

Not political, no longer outside - but within we look and work, taking full responsibility for our own lives and actions.

We strengthen and build our Beloved Nation upon
the KKK of the 21st century: the core values of 
Kapatiran, Kalusugan, Kalikasan.
(Brotherhood, Health, Nature)

Today we have the freedom, and together we have the capacity,
to co-create a way of life upon those fundamental pillars.

The most vital truth of the Brotherhood of humanity under the Fatherhood of God. All are children of God, equal in worth.

Holistic Health: the art of doing and being good to self and others.

Creating a beautiful life on this planet with our God-given resources - in harmony with the greater "Web of Life".

Kayumanggi Organic
Income Generation

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Kayumanggi Organic is rooted in the deep yearning for dignity of our people, to see our
people thrive in life.

  1. All people are our brothers and sisters, and we engage with all our love, care and respect.

  2. We create healthy, high-quality products from 100% locally grown ingredients. This supports a healthy body, and increased income for all the people we work with.

  3. We help farmers transition to organic farming and emphasize their invaluable work of caring for our land. Our products are created with minimal waste, and zero chemicals.

Enjoy our products, building blocks in our work of Nation Building ↓

KKK Movement Inc.
Capacity Building


Kapatiran-Kalusugan-Kalikasan Movement Inc. was founded with the deep yearning to see our people capable. Income is a means, which does little good without the values and capabilities to use our income to actually flourish as human beings. 

  1. At the core of this endeavor is the Maharlikan Roadmap that guides our personal development as human beings.

  2. Isinilang na Maharlika Ecovillage is the village we are building together as a community to give birth to a Maharlikan (Mahal na Likha) way of life.

  3. Such a way of living is in harmony with nature, and we work to regenerate our ecosystem, so that all life can flourish on our precious Islands.

Help build our Nation today↓

Our Tandem of Nation Building

Join Our movement

We welcome and appreciate volunteers. If you would like to participate in our movement in any way, please send a message to the following contacts.
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