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Our Children's Health

Everyone wishes to keep their kids healthy and see them grow strong, their body fit and free of sickness. The secret lies in the food we give them!

But much of our Filipino diet doesn't serve our wish to keep our kids (and ourselves) healthy. Many people don't know that. Some do, but they don't really know good alternatives.

So part of our mission at Kayumanggi Organic is to teach mothers how to prepare delicious healthy alternatives - and we do it together with the kids so both mothers and children see how tasty good food can be, and how enjoyable to prepare!

It's fun, and it raises us to a higher standard - one that everyone in rural areas can achieve, because they have everything they need from nature right at their hands. The plants and the soil just need a bit of cultivation, and we need to develop and share nice recipes and practice a few times so we get good and preparing healthy foods!

Such as these scrumptious vegetarian rolls here!

And here we're teaching the parents out to make it.

Then, when healthy cooking and healthy foods become our new habit (and the new normal!), we will keep our children healthy, and we will see them grow up to be strong, well-energized and active!

We are sure we will live to see that day. It's our time to rise!

Mabuhay ang ating Perlas ng Silangan!!

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